Thursday, 23 February 2012

HOLI MOLY!! The Motha of all Giveaways!!!!

It's that wonderful time of the year! No! not Christmas...The Festival of Colours ofcourse..HOLI!

This year Mumbai is going to shake to the music of the most amazing artists one could groove to on HOLI!
Where you ask? The Holi Moly festival ofcourse.

So let me tell you a little bit about The Holi Moly Festival

Celebrating the vibrant festival of Holi through music, an eclectic mix of artistes from across continents will come together at music festival 'Holi Moly'.

The 14 hours non-stop fest will create a mix of Indian music blending with other genres such as EDM, Minimal, Electronic House, Dubstep, Trance and Psy Rock.

The concert will commence with a jugalbandhi by DJ Dash in collaboration with Anish (percussions) combining two diverse forms of music.


Apart from that, the event will also witness the world’s third oldest DJ Cheb I sabbah from USA performing in Mumbai for the first time ever. The DJ will combine tracks like ‘Chhaiya Chhaiya’ with EDM to create a unique musical experience.

Some of Dj Cheb I sabbah's work

From India bands like Phoenyx, Bandish Projekt and Ma Faiza will perform along with Nathan Flutebox Lee from UK and Super evil from South Africa. Organised by Shalom Inc the first edition of the fest will be held on 8 March at TULIP STAR, Juhu, Mumbai.

Bandish Projekt at their best

Watch MaFaiza at Sunburn

Shalom Inc director Rahul Grover said, “The ‘Holi Moly’ festival is a concert featuring unique artistes from across the globe celebrating Holi with music. We plan to make it Mumbai’s biggest concert by playing for 14 hours continuously. Our aim is to serve a unique jugalbandi of the DJ’s blending their music with other artistes creating a memorable experience for the audience. This is the first edition of the fest and we plan to take it worldwide from 2013.
The fest maybe held in Nepal or Bangkok next year.”

Sounds incredible right? Well you dont have to go on my word..YOU! could be there too!!!

Ashes to Ashes would like to present The Holi Moly Giveaway.

YOU COULD WIN 10 PASSES TO THE HOLI MOLY EVENT ON 8th March in Mumbai, MEET THE ARTISTS and make your own event VLOG.

You could be anywhere in the world you can still participate and probably give the passes to friends and family who are in Mumbai.

The Winner will be announced on the 3rd of March 2012.
Rules to the Giveaway
  1. You should be a subscriber of this blog.
  2. Share The Holi Moly Facebook Event Page
  3. Comment below with the words "Holi Moly"

And now to leave you with some Ashes to Ashes' Holi Pasts

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The winner of the GlossyBox India Giveaway issss

I am so excited to announce the winner of this Giveaway 3 days late but better late then never...but before I do..LOL i have to tell you what all went behind the scenes....

After announcing the GlossyBox India Giveaway, a few days later GlossyBox informed me and other beauty bloggers that they are postponing their launch tot he end of this year. Obviously they will not be starting membership to their site anytime soon. Now the first thing that I thought of was what about my readers who took part in this giveaway?

I sent them a mail asking that very question. However no reply :-(. So i decided to take matters in my own hands and posted The G
GlossyBox email that was sent to me to help all you guys know what happeneing. I also left a few "What i'm gonna do for you tips".

And coincedently GlossyBox emailed me the very next day, informing me that they will be happy to still be part of the giveaway. ..PHEW!

So from GlossyBox India the winner of this giveaway is getting a 2000 rs voucher for

So now lets get back to business...the winner of the GlossyBox give away is.....


Congratulations hun!
GlossyBox will be getting in touch with you.

Tomorrow i will be posting about my Holi Giveaway!
SO Keep an eye out for that.

Until nex time


Sunday, 12 February 2012

Right Kinda Bar - THE BEAUTY BAR

I've never really bonded with bars, don't get me wrong, i've paid my dues with a glass (or should i say glasses) of whiskey during happy hours post work. However, i'm not always up for bar crawling or club hopping.

I now have to recant everything i have said, cause i found the perfect bar. Which? you ask,
The Beauty Bar.

Last month I went to this quaint little store in Lokhadwala, not expecting much and i was pleasantly surprised. Most of the products that I only saw on youtube tutorials or online stores were available and not over priced (thanks to ALL our taxes).

The Beauty Bar has brands like Urban Decay, Too Faced, Victoria's Secret, YSL, Bobby Brown to name a few. After much research, I realized that the most competitive price for these brands was at The Beauty Bar. And the icing on the cake is the 20% to 10% discounts that they offer on selected brands.

What depresses me most is the fact that Beauty products in India are so highly priced. Even though they are half the price or less in the country they are manufactured in. Finding out that these products were available at a reasonable price and i didn't have to mortgage my home to acquire them made me giddy headed.

What I love about The Beauty Bar is the owner Kamya's and a member of The Beauty Bar's team Gunjan, their eagerness to assist you with the perfect product. I had Kamya wip out her own personal products and apply them on my to show me how much I would love them, and I did. Sales techniques you say? hmmmmm I think the difference here is how genuinely they want to help you with good products. they will never encourage you to buy quantity (though its always appreciated) they push you towards the quality of the product and tell you how to ensure its longevity.

I recently attended a Doll Me Up Personal Makeup Workshop hosted by The Beauty Bar and conducted by MUD's makeup artist Shamita Gogia. The amount I learned in basic makeup application was amazing. I have enhanced my knowledge and skill and can't wait to do a professional course to really take it up there.

With only 3 students per workshop, the attention to detail made every minute worthwhile. Shamita was so amazing as a teacher that even though we spend almost double the time stipulated for the class, her quality of teaching and the attention to detail didn't falter. She kept going till we understood the technique.

I am also going to do The Beauty Bar Haul on my Youtube Channel, so stay tuned for that.

So where is The Beauty Bar??? Well I have given you link above, however the easiest way to remember is on the main road where Infinity Mall Andheri and Laxmi Industrial Estate is, It's the lane between the Adhikari brothers (SAB TV) building and The Tanishq store. Once you enter the lane (on foot) you walk for about 5 minutes and you will see a Blue Neon sign saying The Beauty Bar.
Hope you makeup enthusiasts do visit. Let them know i said Hello!


Sunday, 5 February 2012

From Ashes to You! GIVEAWAY!!!!!! and Valentines Day LOOK

This Valentine's Day Look was inspired by the actress who plays IO in the Clash of the Titans 2010. 

 To check out the Tutorial please check out my Youtube Channel..

And NOW....I take gr8 pleasure in announcing our very first winner for the 

From Ashes to You! GIVEAWAY!!!!!! 

..and the winner is...................... hehehehe check out my know the results!