Monday, 22 September 2014

My Path Towards

Goals, Goals, Goals! I’m not talking about the sports kind, more the ‘satisfy my life and tell me my worth kind”. It’s heavy stuff for a Tuesday morning eh?  I was thinking about goals. Why we even consider them the measure of our success and how we can pull them out of thin air and make them the single biggest focus for a short period of time or even the rest of our lives?
I think we create goals to test the proficiency of our path. Are we on the right path moving steadily towards our much deserved reward? Or is the jagged path a hoax? We constantly test our waters our success and predict the expediency of our path based on how close we think we are to our goals.
I have seen many people treat their path to their success differently. The most fun and not so surprising one is the person who want to keep their almost success on the down low. This is to shield them from embarrassment or from the pain of a public failure. For some they constantly toot their own horn letting people know where they are on their path. For me I like to put it out there into the universe. I honestly believe that if I with all my might and heart want something the entire Universe will work as hard as me to help me get it.
So here I am saying it out loud hoping that the universe hears me.
I have always been a TV Series kinda person. I make sure either I record or read about my favourite shows. And over time some shows get my adrenalin pumping even more than the thought of a Ryan Gosling and Jason Momoa threesome.
So here’s my list of shows I would like to work on as a makeup artist.

1.      Supernatural – I do realise having two super-hot protagonists makes this an even better proposition. However the premise of Supernatural makes this a makeup artist’s playground. It has an amazing mix of prosthetic, special effect, conventional makeup and amazing CGI. You also have to take into consideration how well written that show is. The depth and detail. The fact that all the information on that show is banked in your memory for a plot of another episode really makes it fascinating to me.

2.      Game of Thrones- GoT is my obsession. I’m someone who loves war games and pays extra attention to understand political mind games and chess play. Game of thrones as a show has got everything I adore. Amazing makeup, fabulous premise, semi naked/fully naked hot people (yes I’m mainly talking about Jason Momoa & Peter Dinklage. My interests are varied as you can tell.) Game of thrones characters calls for heavy character makeup and prosthetics and not to mention the special effects. I also love the Direwolves and if I was in the realm..You know it.)

3.      Sleepy Hollow- This list is more telling then I aimed it to be. I love the thought of the supernatural and when I mistakenly saw the pilot episode of sleepy hollow I couldn’t stop. I watched the marathon and screamed out loud when season one left me so empty. Dramatic eh? Well you don’t know how I am about my shows. Sleepy Hollow along with period makeup has immense prosthetic and special effect makeup as well. They also do a lot of CGI stuff however that’s a given.

4.      Sherlock- I AM A CUMBER-BITCH! That should say it all. However growing up I was encouraged to read mystery novels like Nancy drew and the Hardy boys. However Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was especially promoted as the language, science, drama and skill of deduction impressed every family member of mine. I remember being told about the show and in all my hesitation I watched it. The first 10 minutes I hated the modernization of my favorite prose and the next 80 odd minutes I loved every bit of it. I was converted. I was a Sherlock & Watson Fan and also a Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman fan. They seemed natural and born to play the part. I also love how they change important details of the original mysteries and modernize it for the urban sentiments.

5.      Dr Who- Fantasy, time travel, space travel, amazing characters and a TARDIS. Who could ask for more? ;-) Its vibrant story line, introduction of new characters frequently would make character designing and testing fun time for a makeup artist.

 6.      Suits- This witty, fast and well written show is one of my favourites. The fact that it revolves around relationships of all kinds makes you want to invest your time into each character. Also the glamour makeup artist in me, jones to do makeup for Donna and Jessica. They are both phenomenal women.

7.      Modern Family- Sofia Vergara, Sofia Vergara, Sofia Vergara. Beautiful, witty, self-deprecating. Just my kinda woman. However with such a cast who won’t want to work with such talented people. From the youngest to the oldest they seem like amazing people to be around. And I would love to be a part of their makeup department.

8.      Fringe- Fast and so amazing. What else can you expect from JJ Abrams. I initially thought Fringe would be very similar to X-Files. However it’s exceeded any expectations. It took me beyond any plot I could think of. And all the gory diseases, time lapse consequences make any makeup artist smile.

9.      American Horror Story- gave me goose bumps. Season 1 got my hooked, season 2 booked and Season three cooked. I actually want to be in the room when they are writing the episodes. I would also love the number of their dealer. I can’t even explain the complexity of this show, their characters and the amazing makeup that makes this story so visual that I can’t get it out of my head. Never do an AHS marathon. It plays on your mind and dreams for days. Tried, tested and peed my pants.

10.  X Files- MOTHER OF ALL SHOWS. Now I know that it ended a long long time ago. However, since this is a wish I thought why the hell not. If they ever decided to remake it, I’m going to be the first to beg for a job on the show.
And since I’m making a list I thought I’d make a special mention to one show that I really enjoy. It’s Taarak Mehta Ka Oolta Chashma. My mom got me hooked to the show and it’s so well written, characters so special and unique and that makes their looks even more amazing. I would also loveeeeeeee to work on the 50 shades of grey movies. Honestly it might not be the makeup, though making those cigarettes burns on Christian gets me excited, I think I want to see the story unfold in front of my eyes.

So here’s my list. Love it! And I will make it happen.. In some form or shape.

I’m outti