Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Starter Kit

I realised that in India women start applying makeup a little later than other places. I personally think that's absolutely fine. However, that makes us a little late on the uptake.

Ever since i started my blog and youtube channel, one question consistently occupies my inbox, "What products should I use?"

I thought it would be great to help all my readers create a pocket SMART and Skin protecting makeup kit.
Now keep in mind you can only know how effective a product is for you once you use it. And the list below is the minimum number of products for a complete personal makeup kit.

The first thing you need for a good makeup routine is skin products. I start with cleansing my face with my favorite face wash. Now here is where the extra care bits come in.

1. After cleansing, I use a toner. A good toner really helps in minimizing face pores. This helps in protecting your skin from trapping dirt as well as your makeup, as the pores dont create a lot of oil once minimized. I use the Clinique Toner. The reason i recommend a high end toner is, you should never compromise on skin products. The most expensive products in your kit should be the ones to protect and enrich your skin.

2. After toning, moisturing is the key to prep your skin for makeup. A well moisturised skin helps the foundation and concealer glide on your face. There is no flakyness. And if you feel you have too much on you can always use a tissue or muslin cloth to dab it out. The moisturizer I use Sheshaido White Lucient. However, any good gel, water or oil based moisturiser will do depedning on your skin type. The clinique moisturiser is probably the best for all skin types and you also get small tubes that you can easily carry with you.

***** Now this product is my ace in the sleeve. BB CREAM. In India as of now we only have the Maybeline BB Cream. Its a moisturizer, spot remover, SPF and also provides slight coverage. After the toner you can use the BB Cream and directly get to the foundation routine.

3. Another trick or miracle product is Clinique's City Block. it's a tinted moisturiser with SPF and can also be used as a light primer for your face. A primer is applied before your foundation and it works like a glue. It smoothens lines and fills pores which helps foundation go on smoother and last monger.

4. Now we start with the actual makeup routine. You will need a great foundation to begin with.

The Revlon Color Stay foundation is cost effective as well as full coverage for someone with oily skin. It also has quite a few skin tones so there is a good chance you will find the tone perfect for you.

The Lakme Perfect Radian Skin Foundation is perfect for someone who doesnt need full coverage. It evens your skin tone and lasts pretty long. Those who have oily skin will have to reapply or powder you face half way throught the day since it's a light foundation.

The Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse is a great foundation for those who need a little more coverage but still like to keep it light. It gives you a very nice smooth finish. You get a variety of skin tones , however if using a brush or you fingers to apply, you have to work a little fast because it tends to dry fast.

And now the Holy Grail of Foundations. MAC Studio Fix Fluid. Priced at almost 2k, its a full coverage foundation with skin tones that closely match the indian womans colour. It can be applied lightly to even skin colour out and if you dont want full coverage. It's builable so that you can get the coverage you want. Again its best if you work fast with it. Applies well with a brush or your fingers.

5. Next product that you would need for your starter kit is concealer. Your concealer should be a shade lighter than your foundation to brighten and conceal your under eye and highlight areas like your cheek bones, the bridge of your nose. If you have dark circles that are dark brown nearing black or similar pigmentation anywhere on your face, then its best to use a concealer thats teh same shade of your foundation. Otherwise if you use a lighter concealer that area will start looking grey.

Mac Studio Finish Concealer is perfect for heavy converage, especially for dark circles and pigmentation.

For light coverage Revlon Photoready Concealer Stick is a good option. It really reflects light and looks great in pictures.

6. Now to make sure your foundation and concealer lasts you the whole day and doesnt slip and slide on your skin. You should use a powder to set it.

Revlon Aqua Mineral Powder is my favorite because while applying it , it feels wet however it blends into your skin very well and keeps the foundation and concealer wells et on your face. It also provides coverage so if youre using it as a finishing powder to set your foundation, it should be used sparingly.

Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder also helps set the foundation and concealer. If you have oily skin , this product is your best friend as if applied over a shiny T-Zone it really immediately mattifies it. It adds no colour to use foundation in case you dont want anymore coverage.

7. Next a great eyeshadow pallet that can double up as a eyebrow filler (if needed). I do alot of looks for myself and others professionally and I always find myself reaching for one eyeshadow palette.

NYX Runway Collection 10 - in Champagne and Caviar.

8. Eyeliners that you would love to use is,
Maybelline Colossal Kajal for a nice dark black liner.
Lakme Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick in Starry night
Lakme Glide on Eye Color in Peacock Green and Plush Purple.

9. My absolute favorite Gel Liner is the
Maybelline Drama Gel Liner in Black, It comes with a brush and applies really well. it can also be used in the water line.

10. Sometimes just using a mascara can make all the difference. My new favorite mascara is
Faces Lush Lash Mascara. It applies well, not to heavy and I love that it coats every lash strand.

11. Blush. Adds the color to the face, also helps in acheiving a healthy glow.
Lakme Absolute Cheek Chromatic Baked Blush. It comes in to shades. One for lighter skin and the other for darker. It works well as a contouring color as well as a bronzing color.

Girlactik Cream Blush in Pink is perfect for all skin tones. and a little on the apple of your cheeks looks so lovely.

12. ColorBar USA Lipliner in 007 is best for skin color lipliner.

13. Faces Lip Palette has all the usual suspects, Nude, Pink, Brown, Maroon, Red, and Coral.
This is a good palette to have because you can mix the colours and create a lip colour perfect for you.

14. LOreal Colour Juice Peek a Boo lip gloss is perfect for you to add that extra ommph to any lip colour.

The above products are perfect for your Starter Kit. This list is for your entire makeup kit. You can use the products to add to your carry on makeup kit for daily use.