Thursday, 26 April 2012

My Date from Hell

Guest Post by Namrata Kadle

One usually sees this scene in a typical chick flick where they show a date from hell, but one never imagines it could happen to you. Well guess what?? Almost every woman I know has had a horrendous experience with the date from hell. (This is where I hear the bells ringing eerily)

Look, it’s fairly simple .What men don’t realize is that for the fairer sex, looks really do come second.

We find charm, the ability to hold a conversation and a well groomed man much more attractive than just a hot guy!

And I’m sorry but first impressions do count!! If you are asking me out on a date the least I expect is for you to be well groomed!!

And here begins my never ending date. Honestly time passed so slowly I thought I would fossilize if I stuck around for dessert!

So after we got our table we moved to placing the order. And boy did that take forever!! I was starving and after a quick look at the menu, I knew exactly what I wanted. My ‘date ‘proceeded to go over the menu 5 times-yeah I counted, before finally deciding on some soupy noodle concoction with tofu in it..

While we waited for our food he began telling me about how sad his life journey was. He also told me about his unfortunate career path and how he was a struggling film maker. And that his father did not approve of his choice of livelihood as there was no income and how much the ‘field of film making’ required one to lick ass and have loads of luck…funny thing is I didn’t hear him say a word about talent!!

Oh and he mentioned that he had just finished reading a script to Vivek Oberoi…he mentioned this twice and looked at me as if I should have fallen to the floor in an orgasm at the mention of Vivek Oberoi!!

Sigh! And to add insult to injury my date spent most of his time feeding his chin! Yuck!! When you know you are on a date, choose wisely! Don’t order a subway or a soupy dish that is bound to end up on your chin!

Suffice to say I didn’t stay for dessert. He offered to drop me home and naturally I politely this stage I was willing to crawl back home on all four’s rather than endure another suffocating minute with him! So I abruptly ended my traumatic evening by wishing him good luck with his film career. Any moron would have figured out that this was my goodbye message. Meaning, I never ever want to see you again…

Monday, 16 April 2012

My Wish List -Putting it out there in the universe

For the past couple of weeks I have been fortunate enough to see quite a few beauty and beauty related products that I will evenutally get or have already received. I thought it would be great to do a top 10 list of beauty products I would love to own.

What do u give someone who has everything?
Something to keep it all in

I recently went to The Beauty Bar in Lokhandwala and fell in love with this beauty. I did a detailed blog post about my experience at their Doll Me up Class
This vanity is called the Leggy Vain Pro Makeup Station with Legs goes for approx 16,500/-

On average women and MUA tend to use 20% of shadows from any particular pallete and not surprisingly the colours used the most are your natural warm colours along with highlighters. I love this product because all the colours are very pigmented, have great staying power and all the colours are ones id wanna use and they also have additional colors to create unique smokey eyes.. I definitely want this product.

The Urban Decay Naked Palette is for about 4500/- and you can get it at The Beauty Bar.

Since im overweight and my heart shaped face is round due to the poundage, i have started contouring my face. However this product is perfect for contouring for most skin tones and I defintiely will go out and pick it up

The MAC Blunt Blush is for about 1150/- at the MAC store.

The one eyeshadow palette that is modern and classic at the same time.
Makeup Forever Flash Palette cost around 5000/-  I love the yellow and the pink next to it. It applies like grease paint, very pigmented.

What is an artist without his tools?
I own quite a few mac brushes and hope to own all these very very soon

Mac professional makeup brushes start at around 2000/- 
You do have cheaper brands with decent brushes, however with MAC the brushes are long lasting and very high quality bristles which ultimately shows in you makeup finish.

No matter how well you can apply your makeup, the best tool anyone can have is good skin. This next skin care product is one i cant to incorporate into my weekly skin routine.

A good Dermabrasion kit can cost anywhere between 5000 to 1000 rupees. However salon treatments are pretty expensive so buying a kit makes sense in the long run.

If you have this combo  5 set of 4, youre literally set for life. It has all the colours you could ever imagine and all the textures possible in an eyeshadow. They are pigmented and last very long especially if you apply an eye primer. I would love to own

Coastal Scents Set of 4 Palettes for $69.95 on their website. Thats around 3700 rs. I think they are worth every penny.
The palettes are
1 Ultra Shimmer Palette ($19.95)
1 Metal Mania Palette ($24.95)

1 Warm Palette ($24.95)
1 88 Original Palette ($18.95)

This next product makes any woman feel lush and youthful and seductive. And you only have to clip them on.

Specifically the ones from They have amazing quality and for 160gms its a $140 with free shipping. I think its a deal and plan to get them at the end of the year.

I want to graduate to using this next beauty product to achieve the flawless look

The ones im told are the best airbrush make kits come from Dinair. And they have an amazing range of different colors.

And last but not least the ultimate in beauty for any person...their SMILE!

The Crest 3D White Strips apparently work wonders. And gives you professional quality whitening. However it is a bit costly. Its about $500 in the US. Pretty freaking expensive.
I hope you like this list and please comment below with the products you desire.


This is my wish list and no brand has sponsored this post. This is purely what I wish to write about.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Style Craze The Mother of all Giveaways - 1000 Member Milestone celebrations

Wanna increase you makeup knowledge and collection?

Check out the Mother of all giveaways with Style

One of my blogger friends Lancy sent me this very unassuming email asking me to join her on Style All you guys know me, anywhere i get more makeup product and technique knowledge and I'm there. I joined up and started checking out the website and came across this OMG giveaway. I immediately started salvating and joined in the madness...
Hope you guys join up too.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Utopia and such things!

I’m a closet politically obsessive person. This is something I keep well hidden from most people, until now.

Recently on a drive into Bandra with Gabriel, a stray thought intrigued me.

I thought, what would happen if a country was run like an organisation and organisations were run the way most countries are. The tax paying citizens were the CEO’s and results of a performance appraisal helped people vote.  Now, I can already imagine most of you saying WTF! And our citizens aren’t equipped or the lack of education or even the fact that corruption starts from the citizens. I agree with all THAT! However it didn’t stop me from still thinking about it.

I read this quote recently, “Organisations should hire the “right” people who are good and give them the freedom to do great things.” Now I’m only paraphrasing, however I can’t help but agree.

For our Nation I imagined that our current governments, state and country and all other political parties would be handed a 20 point list of issues we face in our country today. That list would then be equally divided (based on intensity of issue) between all political parties. They would be given one term (4-5 years dependant on what we decide) to solve these issues. Whichever party does the best job in implementing a long term solutions to their list of issues would ideally get voted into office for the next term. Now this again would be dependent on the citizens where we would vote for whom we feel did the best job. So at the end of the term there would be a public “appraisal” of their work.  And based on their “score” the political party of the next term would be chosen.

And once chosen for that current term the process would repeat with an updated “issues list”. Making sure that no promises are made, just actions and that’s what they are elected by.

So the newly elected party and the other potential parties would get another list of goals they have to achieve if they want to be elected to the government.

Now the solutions they come up with, whether they are the government or not should be within their circle of control and based on the recent past, whether you are government or citizen, YOU HAVE A LOT OF POWER FOR CHANGE!

This probably seems very naïve. But I like this line of thought.

Comment below with your suggestions?
This post was written for The Time to Change Indiblogger contest.