Monday, 2 April 2012

Utopia and such things!

I’m a closet politically obsessive person. This is something I keep well hidden from most people, until now.

Recently on a drive into Bandra with Gabriel, a stray thought intrigued me.

I thought, what would happen if a country was run like an organisation and organisations were run the way most countries are. The tax paying citizens were the CEO’s and results of a performance appraisal helped people vote.  Now, I can already imagine most of you saying WTF! And our citizens aren’t equipped or the lack of education or even the fact that corruption starts from the citizens. I agree with all THAT! However it didn’t stop me from still thinking about it.

I read this quote recently, “Organisations should hire the “right” people who are good and give them the freedom to do great things.” Now I’m only paraphrasing, however I can’t help but agree.

For our Nation I imagined that our current governments, state and country and all other political parties would be handed a 20 point list of issues we face in our country today. That list would then be equally divided (based on intensity of issue) between all political parties. They would be given one term (4-5 years dependant on what we decide) to solve these issues. Whichever party does the best job in implementing a long term solutions to their list of issues would ideally get voted into office for the next term. Now this again would be dependent on the citizens where we would vote for whom we feel did the best job. So at the end of the term there would be a public “appraisal” of their work.  And based on their “score” the political party of the next term would be chosen.

And once chosen for that current term the process would repeat with an updated “issues list”. Making sure that no promises are made, just actions and that’s what they are elected by.

So the newly elected party and the other potential parties would get another list of goals they have to achieve if they want to be elected to the government.

Now the solutions they come up with, whether they are the government or not should be within their circle of control and based on the recent past, whether you are government or citizen, YOU HAVE A LOT OF POWER FOR CHANGE!

This probably seems very naïve. But I like this line of thought.

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This post was written for The Time to Change Indiblogger contest.


  1. :-) Democracy is supposed to work pretty much on the lines you mentioned above.You know, a government by the people.for the people and of the people.I guess the problem lies in the fact that the representatives we choose to lead us become ambitious and greedy.Why?I guess the culture we grow up in fosters it.India is a confused nation trying to walk across a tightrope between capitalism and socialism,centralization and federalism;it is trying to cope with a variety of ethnicities each with their own agenda and demands.In a country like India,it is very difficult for two people sitting in two different points of the country to agree on the same policy.Also the multi-party system,which is probably a by-product of this diversity,doesn't help matters much.Add to that our burgeoning population and scarcity of resources.Considering all this,it is indeed remarkable that no all-out arms race of a massive scale is ensuing within India.The road to betterment lies out there somewhere.But if it were so easy to find,I guess we would have been walking on it by now.:-)

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