Saturday, 31 March 2012

Summer- "Fresh as a daisy" Look

by Shawn Coutinho

During the summer, there is one general rule that I always stick to "less is more!" This summer brings us a rejuvenating, fresh, natural and discreet look, in terms of Makeup. So here are few tips for a ‘fresh as a daisy’ look. 

* The ideal way to do make up is to go for cleansing and toning first. Use a face wash that suits your skin. Toning is essential to keep your pores happy. Avoid anything with alcohol in it. And then moisturize your skin for a fresh and glowing skin. If you have oily skin use a gel based or aqueus moisturizer otherwise you can use a regular one meant for dry skin. 
* I would suggest using "Mineral makeup" in summers to let your skin keep humidity blocked in but breathing as well with an SPF factor of 15. You can start with using the brush and swirling to pick up the minerals. Press the head of your brush against the holes of the sifter. Tap off the excess powder. There should be a light dusting of powder on the brush head. With gentle, circular motions brush onto your face. Start the application of the mineral foundation at the centre of your face – nose, chin and forehead. Buffing with the brush will bring out the qualities of the minerals and will ensure an even application. To achieve a flawless finish apply the mineral foundation in several thin layers until you reach the desired coverage.If your skin is very oily and has enlarged pores choose the pressed mineral foundation instead of a loose foundation.

* Neutral and lighter shades are perfect for eye makeup in summer. Try to use shimmery and simpler eye shadows on eye lids as such beige, golden, light brown, yellow and silver

Apply lighter coat of mascara on eye lashes during day but little bit thick coat for the evening. Finally, use eyeliner pencil of appealing colors as such slate gray, black, chocolate or aqua. It makes your eyes naturally wide and broad.

* Many women avoid blushers but it can be your beauty secret weapon. For healthy, natural color, nothing beats blush. Apply a Powder blush that makes your cheeks look naturally flushed. ALWAYS START LIGHT AND BUILD COLOR TO AVOID LOOKING LIKE A CLOWN. 
* One of the summer makeup tips is to keep your lipstick intact. You can apply a coat of powder on your lips before applying lipstick as it sticks to powder and stays on lips day long. The lipstick colors going trendy this summer are frosted pinks, golden lip glows and shimmery fuchsias.
These are the few summer makeup tips that will help you look garden fresh and vibrant.

Inspired by the "Summery, youthful look" I created a look for designer Umair Zafars for his Spring/summer 2012 collection,
Get out of the house and show off your summer makeup!

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