Saturday, 17 March 2012

Girl meets Miami! Megha Grover en route to Miami

It took me quite a while to sit down and write this post. Not cause I was lazy or didnt know what I wanted to say. But because I was immersed in the preparation in a milestone for my best friend.
Now that the preparation is over and the euphoric feeling has given me goose bumps I now feel its a perfect time to write this post.

I remember in 2008 sitting at my desk with my best friend Namrata behind me and another BFF Ian sitting by my side. We were all intensely looking at our computer screens and typing profusely in unison.
The 1/4 of our little world walked in, looking confused and all typing stopped. I know nowthat, that conversation changed our lives for the better. We said echoing each others thoughts " Don't think about it too much, now that you have realised your dreams and worked hard towards it, quit! We are there to support you." We said that scared ourselves wondering if this was the right advice. It was! She ofcourse spoke to other people and the passion in her eyes made everyone say the same thing. Go after your dreams.

Megha Grover our BFF is on her way to take part in The International Miami Beach Fashion Week. The only woman designer to do so in history. It may have taken some time, it definitely took a lot of hardwork, stress and sweat on Megha's part but she has taken herself to such heights and I can't wait for her to get the success she deserves.

Megha's clothing line for the Miami Beach Fashion Week is amazing. I dont say this because she is my best friend, however i remember thinking when I saw the garments during her catalog photoshoot OH MY GOD! she is soooo talented. I will share the pictures of the clothing line once her shwocase in Miami is over. Which is on the 22nd of March, at the South Beach convention Center at 21:30 Miami time.

I dont want to get into what all she has had to go through to get where she is and how much harder she might have to work to get where she wants to be. I want to savor her success. I want to constantly recall the shrieks of joy i heard when she got her visa.

I write here on behalf of all the people who love her. To tell her we're behind you. We love you! And you have always made us proud. And now its tiem for the rest of the world to know what we already did.
To get updates from Megha, join her FB page!/groups/MGmembers/

Some great memories!


  1. Now this is overwhelming !! THank God for Friends Like Ashu Namrata and Ian !