Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Homemade brush Cleanser Tried and Tested

Summer has set in. Giving us 30+ degrees heat, even at NIGHT!

In the Summer your Skin Care Products, Makeup & Makeup Brushes need special attention.

WHY? Cause they are near moisture in some form or shape, mostly from your face or body.
This attracts bacteria. Bacteria grows fastest in summer. And it's just good sense to cleanse your brushes.

There are different types of cleansing and cleansing products. Let me familiarize you with a few of them.

1. Deep Cleansing.
This involves giving your brushes a nice shampoo once a month. I do it more often as I am a makeup artist. This ensures that my clients are protected.

2. Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist
This wonder product not only can be used on your brushes but also on your makeup as well. For example this can be sprayed on directly on your compact, without damaging the products integrity and it ensures a clean product.

3. Spot Cleaning
This can be a spray or liquid that needs to be applied on a paper towel. Then simple swirl your brushes bristles on it gently. You will see your brush clean in no time. Most makeup artist use this product often, as we sometimes need to immediately use the same brush on a different product or different client. As you must have guessed from the title of this post, we're going to focus on this cleaning product.

Its vital that we use the best hygienic cleaning regimens for our makeup tools, as they touch our face, eyes and other sensitive areas.

I made this brush cleanser over 6 months ago and I swear by it. You also get over the counter cleansers, however I prefer the one I make at home. It not only cleans, but also nourishes my brushes. It takes 5 minutes to make. And the recipe creates about 100 ml which should last you at least 6 months even if you apply makeup everyday.

Take 1 cup (250ml) Bottled water and add it to a clean bowl.
1/4 cup 70% rubbing alcohol or (this is only my addition: 70% and above actual drinking alcohol. I use Vodka or Rum, which is around 75% alcohol) This sanitizes the brushes. Same logic as applying alcohol on a wound.
1/2 table spoon dish washing fluid. I use Prill. Dishwashing fluid because it gentle.
1/2 table spoon baby shampoo (I use Johnsons Baby shampoo No tears.)
1 table spoon leave in conditioner.

Add all the ingredients to the water in the bowl and stir gently ensuring it does not froth.

Once mixed well. Pour into a 100ml or more bottle and you can store this concoction forever.

To clean my brushes I apply a few drops of this on a paper towel and swirl the brushes on the wet spot.

I have tried this same recipe without the dishwashing fluid. It still does the job however not as fast as when the Dishwashing fluid was added.

Try it! You wont be disappointed. :-) Happy Cleansing.