Thursday, 26 April 2012

My Date from Hell

Guest Post by Namrata Kadle

One usually sees this scene in a typical chick flick where they show a date from hell, but one never imagines it could happen to you. Well guess what?? Almost every woman I know has had a horrendous experience with the date from hell. (This is where I hear the bells ringing eerily)

Look, it’s fairly simple .What men don’t realize is that for the fairer sex, looks really do come second.

We find charm, the ability to hold a conversation and a well groomed man much more attractive than just a hot guy!

And I’m sorry but first impressions do count!! If you are asking me out on a date the least I expect is for you to be well groomed!!

And here begins my never ending date. Honestly time passed so slowly I thought I would fossilize if I stuck around for dessert!

So after we got our table we moved to placing the order. And boy did that take forever!! I was starving and after a quick look at the menu, I knew exactly what I wanted. My ‘date ‘proceeded to go over the menu 5 times-yeah I counted, before finally deciding on some soupy noodle concoction with tofu in it..

While we waited for our food he began telling me about how sad his life journey was. He also told me about his unfortunate career path and how he was a struggling film maker. And that his father did not approve of his choice of livelihood as there was no income and how much the ‘field of film making’ required one to lick ass and have loads of luck…funny thing is I didn’t hear him say a word about talent!!

Oh and he mentioned that he had just finished reading a script to Vivek Oberoi…he mentioned this twice and looked at me as if I should have fallen to the floor in an orgasm at the mention of Vivek Oberoi!!

Sigh! And to add insult to injury my date spent most of his time feeding his chin! Yuck!! When you know you are on a date, choose wisely! Don’t order a subway or a soupy dish that is bound to end up on your chin!

Suffice to say I didn’t stay for dessert. He offered to drop me home and naturally I politely this stage I was willing to crawl back home on all four’s rather than endure another suffocating minute with him! So I abruptly ended my traumatic evening by wishing him good luck with his film career. Any moron would have figured out that this was my goodbye message. Meaning, I never ever want to see you again…

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