Friday, 18 May 2012

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation

I was spending some much needed quality time in a store called Health and Glow in Inorbit Mall Malad.
I was checking the lip balms at the Maybelline stand when i came across this foundation. Now whenever some foundation states "porcelain finish" "airbrush finish" etc and it actually doesn't involve real airbrush makeup I tend to scoff and buy it anyway...LOL...

I tested this light and true to its name Mousse like foundation on on half of my face and really liked what i saw. However the true test lies when you wear it for a long time.

I tried it out for the first time 5 hours ago and I still have it on my face.

First impression: Once i applied to to my entire face with my MAC Stippling brush, i loved how it gave me an instant glow and didn't look like i had a lot of foundation on.
Application: Blended and buffed well into my skin. It was easy to apply. I could take my time buffing it in.
Color tone: Its pretty close to my skin tone without mixing any other color in it.
Coverage: It gives you medium coverage
Packaging: Love that ti comes with a pump. LEARN MAC LEARN
Long wear?: After 5 hours its still there on my skin..I have spent most of my time outside running errands and its still intact. However it now feels like its swimming around on my face due to the humidity we suffer in Mumbai. It gives you a dewey finish mid way however at the 5th hour mark i need to powder my face.

This foundation works well for all skin types in my opinion.

It will be perfect for Dry complexions and for those with an oily skin like mine, you need to add some mattefying powder, primer to your foundation routine.

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  1. ll surely test this foundation out

    1. lemme know wat u think of da foundation

  2. I have medium 1 sandy beige. it does ok job if I put a little bit but using a little amount of foundation doesn't cover the flaws and and if I use adequate amount then it looks too fair so I am thinking to buy its medium 2 pure beige. I hope that works! thankyou for the review and the swatches helps a lot :)