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How to apply the perfect eyeliner and with what?

Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.

                                                                                                      -   Sophia Loren

Some of the most beautiful women in the world have the most expressive eyes. A well defined eye is sometimes all you need. A lot of women find it difficult to function without a little bit of eyeliner or deem themselves "sick looking" if they haven't applied their favorite beauty product.

Im going to share with you products to get an amazing well defined eye. As well as techniques and different types of liner shapes. Later in the week I will add a video tutorial to help the beginners with their liner application. Just to reiterate this post is  how to get a well defined eye and not about any full blown eyeshadow looks.

The first thing you need to know are the tools available to you.

Lets start with my favorite product.

Eye Primers: Eye primers are the products you apply on your upper and lower eyelid. This helps your eyeshadow, liner etc stay longer, the color is more enhanced and it stops your liners from smudging. So for all you ladies who love BLACKEST BLACK liners and hate that they don't last or smudge, then eye primers are your best friend. Some of my favorite primers are:

Urban Decay Primer Potion: In my humble opinion the "Holy Grail" of eyeshadow primers.

 Image courtesy
Image courtesy

Urban Decay Primer Potion comes in 4 different types. Original, Sin, Greed and Eden. They all have different colours & effects. However they essentially do the same thing, they keep your eyemakeup on for longer , enhance the colors and stop any smudging.

Application: You apply a little bit of the primer to your eyelids as well as lower lash line if youre going to apply any eyeliner in your waterline or lash line. Blend the primer evenly all of your lid and lash line. Do not apply this in your waterline.

Other options: NYX Eyeshadow Primer. You'll get eyeprimers in most cosmetic brands.

Now that we have our base correct, let now go to actual definition tools.

Black or Brown Eyeshadow:

Using an eyeshadow to line your eyes is probably the best way especially if youre a beginner.
Taking a small eyeshadow brush or a angled brush (cruelty free real fibre) you can dip it in the eyeshadow and apply gently with small strokes around your eyes. If you mess up its easier to clean with a lilttle bit of eyemakeup remover on a cue tip, then it is to clean eyeliner. Eyeshadow is also easier to blend and it gives you a lovely natural smoked out finish. Its a softer look then an eyeliner.

Favorite eyeshadows to use as a eyeliner: MAC CARBON, MAC BRUN & MAC BROWN DOWN.
Favorite Brushes to use with eyeshadow liner: MAC 263 (Hands down the best angled brush ever!)

Eyeliner Felt Pens: Now these are the easiest to use as well as remove. They mostly arent waterproof however they give a lovely glossy effect. You wont be able to blend it very well for a seamless look though after applying it you can blend the edges with a black eyeshadow. That will help with a smokey softer look. Perfect to practice a winged liner.

Favorite Felt Tip Liner: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner.

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Pencil Liners: One of the best ways to line your waterline is with a pencil liner. If in case youre wondering, your waterline is the inside part of your lash line. We predominantly line our lower waterline.

My Favorite Pencil Liner is : MAC Smoulder. It's beautiful and has never smudged on me. In case if you experience any smudging, use a primer before applying your liner.

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Other ways to line your waterline is with a Eye Khol or a Kajal.

How is a Kohl Liner different from a regular liner?

They are made of different ingredients, they're made to smudge easily so you won't tug at your eye to mutch when trying to smudge like you do with regular eyeliners. Also they tend to have more nourishing ingredients. That's pretty much why people use them to get the smokey eye kind of look.

Favorite Kohl Liner : ColorBar Indian Kohl.

What is the difference between Kohl and Kajal?

I checked ingredients, formulations and applications techniques for both products and the verdict is...they are absolutely the same. Kajal according to me is a little drier than kohl, but essentially the same product. They both smudge easily and give a great smokey eye effect. Also they are used to cool the eyes which helps if you tend to get any redness. They have a large amount of camphor which is good for the eyes.

Liquid Liners
This product is amazing to use, gives a great effect and if you use a waterproof liquid liner you are set for hours. A few drawbacks...You need to be a little experienced at eyeliner application to use this product efficiently, you cannot use it on your waterliner and last and most important if youre using a waterproof liquid liner which dries fast... it is a bi%ch! to remove if you have made a mistake and some waterproof liquid liners tend to peel of after a few hours.

My favorite Liquid Liner :Makeup Forever Aqua Liners

Image courtesy
Image courtesy
And at last my favorite Liner, The Gel eyeliner.
The consistantcy of the gel liner is literally like butter. It glides on smoothly. And you can get a glossy gel liner or a  matte gel liner.This can also be used in your waterline. The only con might be that you have to apply it with a eyeliner brush and that takes practice. But once you have achieved perfection you would not want to use anything else.
My Favorite Gel Liners: Bobby Brown Long wear gel liner & Maybelline Lasting Drama eye gel
Image courtesy
Beginners guide to perfect eyes
2. Which ever product youre using, apply it by making small dashes on your upper lash line. If your eyes keep fluttering or you cant close one eye and apply your liner, this technique helps you as you can keep checking your work after every small dash.
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3. Always make sure the hand you're using to apply your liner has support. This eliminates most mistakes.
4. Have a cue tip and eyemakeup remover handy to erase mistakes or make your eyeliner sharper.
5. Use a felt tip eyeliner initially till you get some practice.
6. Use an angled brush to apply eyeshadow or gel liner. Gives you straight lines and best for winged liners.
Different shapes of liners for the beginner

My favorite liner shape - The Cat eye!
I hope this helps all you lovely ladies define those pretty peepers.
Here's looking at you Kid!

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