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It's Smokey! It's Seductive

“The eyes are one of the most powerful tools a woman can have. With one look, she can relay the most intimate message. After the connection is made, words cease to exist. ”

Light Smokey Eye

One of the most seductive and exciting eyemakeup looks for a woman is the Smokey Eye! The range of colors , styles and products that one can use to create a beautiful smokey eye is endless.

In this post I will help on "How" to create a Smokey Eye and the range of colours you can use. This post is directed towards the Indian Skin tone, however most of the looks can look amazing on any skin tone.

Prepping your eye:
  1. Always cleanse your face before applying any makeup.
  2. Apply eye gel on your under eye as well as your eye lid to protect and nourish it.
  3. Apply a eyeshadow primer so that your eyemakeup stays the entire day and the colors are the truist. Apply primer on the lower lashline as well , if you're going to apply any eye makeup there.
Now that we have prepped your eyes lets start with the most generic steps to create a smokey eye.

Before you know what to apply, you should know where to apply it. Below is a beautiful picture by that explains the parts of an eye. This picture is a great reference for you to understand where the colours go.

  1. Apply a natural skin tone colour from your upper lash line  on your eyelid till your brow bone. This helps make your eyes and even tone in color and also helps the next eyeshadow stick on.
Picture Courtesy :
Colours that would look amazing as a base eyeshadow colour are:
Mac : Girlie , All that Glitters, Brule, Arena, Tete-a-tint , Texture, Swish Chocolate, Woodwinked.
Choose a colour that is closest to your skin colour. You can go for different textures such as pearl , shimmer, wet etc depending on the look you want to create. These warm colours complement the Indian Skin tone which has a lot of yellow in it.
2. Apply a mid tone or even a brighter colour on your eyelid.
Choose a colour that is darker or brighter than your base colour. If your refer to the picture of the MAC Warm palette above, the colours Mulch, Smut and Satin taupe are perfect Lid colours to use.
Apply it only from the upper lash line on your eyelid, stopping a little lower than your eye crease. Colours such as Naked, Gest, All that Glitters, Honey Rust and Sable make great lid colours as well.
Picture Courtesy :
3. Now we start with the actual smokey part of our smokey eye. Choose a darker colour than your mid colour to apply to the outer V of your eyes.
picture courtesy:
The colours you should choose from the first 2 palettes are: Twinx, Espresso, Antiqued, Bronze, Sketch and Embark.
Start with a little product on your brusha nd apply in the outer V. You can continue to build it up to what you desire.
The above picture is how it should look after you have blended it in.

4. Now we will try some reverse blending. This technique is to add the darkest colour in the outer V to give it a smokier look. Here you would add black/ MAC Carbon by dotting it on and blending it into the dark brown colour u added in the outer V.

Now to finish your Smokey Eye!

5. Add a highlight colour to your inner V and Brow bone.

Highlight colour would be (fromt eh 2 palletes above , Brule , Shale, Arena, Phloof, Shroom, Dazzlelight,

All the shadows mentioned are MAC eyeshadows because its easier to get them in Mumbai.

Now lets venture out to different colour for smokey eye for the Indian skin tone.

1. The classic brown smokey eye.
2. Classic Brown with blue and green in the lower lashline
3. Gold and Teal smokey eye. I LOVE THIS ONE.
4. A grundgy brown smokey eye where you apply the brown eyeshadow on the entire lid and blend it out to the creaseline.

Glitter and Shimmer Smokey eye. Its the same concept however with shimmer colours. Looks amazing on indian skin tone as its staying true to the warm palette.

Beautiful pink and hot pink smokey eye. Complements the indian skin as it adds the much needed pink to our skin tone.

Once you have mastered the smokey eye, you can try something a little more advance. Here we use a silver metallic colour mid eyelid above and below and add grey and black. Its best to use a gel liner with a fine tip brush so you can get a precise shape towards the outter edge. It's winged out to add mroe shape to the eyes. This is a very dramatic look. However if you use silver or gold metallic eyeshadow it will complement the indian skin tone.

The fashionable classic smokey Eye on Adele.

A beautiful burgandy/maroon smokey eye. Again a colour that is unique and complements the Indian woman. This look is very seductive.
And last but not the least let me show you a smokey eye for the day.

Have a hot smokey day!


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