Tuesday, 12 July 2011

India's most fake

I started to type this serious from the heart blog about recent ailments and then suddenly this ad appears on star world...its the teaser for the new episode of India's most desirable or whatever its called.

I know a lot of people have worked so hard on that show and everyone else "you are doing a great job". However, Simi just gotta go! Man! she's horrible and inarticulate and fake.

The crypt keeper has more expressions than she does. Kiki single handedly takes intelligent people (forget women) back 100 years. And when you see the source of that horrible voice, you feel like the show is promoting Peadephilia. What happened to her?

1 comment:

  1. it was so fucked up when she asked Siddhartha Malaya y he chose to do the marathon on his own 2 feet when he had so many modes of transport....Bitch its a fucking marathon how else was he supposed to do it shessh.....GET A CLUE>>>>i think simi garelwal acting cute and blonde sucks.....when young people act like that it sucks ass...and now the cript keeps elder sis doing it sucks the universe out of it