Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Token Fat Girl

Dressing the Fat
Shopping! wow ! let's gooooooo....this is generally any fashion concious persons response to a shopping spree....However, if youre overweight (and i dont mean healthy) finding clothes , let me re phrase, finding STYLISH clothes is a freaking miracle.

There are some really fun stores , but it makes me think that since my size is not easily available , maybe my actual standards of styles and quality are lowered and easily accepting. I do realize that in a city like ours making tailored clothes is an actual option and yes i do find myself constantly taking that route. However, cuts and working with lycra blends are not one of my tailors strengths.

When i go out , i'm definitely not the only obese person in the room, so why is it so difficult to find stylish clothes for us. And here im not gender biased, i think men and women both find this hard. It's easier to find God, then a good pair of well fitted low waist lycra blend trousers for someone with a waist line over 35".

And the majority of the clothes make me feel fatter, if that is even possible. I do believe that the right about of your "Goods" should be covered , like the tyres , back fat etc..... however a full sleeve , turtle neck , thigh length , thick cotton lycra in kaka brown is surely not the only option for a fat person.

Yes i have some great peices which work very very well for me, from places like ALL, XMEX and even AND. I once found gr8 buys at Forever Young! and French Connection, though that was a one time thing. I'll post a few pictures soon. So you can see what i'm talking about. The point is , there is this who target group that clothing line designers are missing out on. Hopefully someone will sit up and realise that!

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