Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I gotcha back!

Now that the glitter has settled post Kochi International Fashion Week (KIFW), there is another phenomena I wanted to blog about. Something that struck me during the event and became an after thought and i'm still thinking about it....hence i feel its worth writing about.

On day 2 of KIFW, Sanjana Jon designer (and i use that word loosely) came in like a storm and probably disrupted every person involved with the event. now her questionable talent is not what i want to write about, its her relentless dedication to getting her brother Anand Jon a fair trial.

Now for those of you who need your memories jogged, Anand Jon is a Indian born American designer who became very successful in the early 2000 having names like Janet Jackson Paris Hilton etc on his repetoire. In 2008 he was convicted in 30 odd counts of rape , molestation of upcoming models from
the ages of 14 to 21, he was given 59 years to life for his crimes.

Now, I would like to make it clear i do not know the details of the case and i am not promoting Anand Jons innocence or condeming him to lifelong imprisonment (thats been already done). 

At the fashion week i saw fliers , assistants in t-shirts which said "Free Anand Jon", and this reminded me of the Jessica Lall Case as well , where her sister Sabrina Lall was relentless in getting her sister's muderers in jail. I do know the cases are as different as night and day but what makes them similar is a sibling ready to fight for them, regardless of the odds.

I may not like Sanjana Jon's clothes, but i have to say she is a great asset to have on your side. It's been 2-3 years sicne Anand Jon's sentencing and yet she still fights at every platform for her brother.
Her tears , her words and her passion to prove her brothers innocence is commendable.

Again, let me make it clear, i am not condoning any criminal act and i do believe anyone who can do any heinous crimes shoudl be punished. I am also not promoting what Sanjana Jon is saying is the truth (cuz, frankly it seems like a weak defence.) However, whether it is Sanjana or Sabrina, their loyalty for their siblings are note worthy.

And, i hope i show this same loyalty to my friends and family when need be.


  1. A very thoughtful and well written article. Yes, you have to appreciate the fact that his sister is doing whatever she can to free her brother. To condemn or condone the man is a different issue as you rightly pointed out. Glad that you have our back Aashu!