Monday, 15 August 2011


Meaning of the word Shalom according to some site ( most said the same thing)......
is understood around the world to mean "peace." However, "peace" is only one small part of the meaning of shalom. "Shalom" is used to both greet people and to bid them farewell, and it means much more than "peace, hello or goodbye"....

According to Strong's Concordance 7965 Shalom also means completeness, wholeness, health, peace, welfare, safety soundness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, rest, harmony, the absence of agitation or discord. Shalom comes from the root verb shalom meaning to be complete, perfect and full.
Now why am i giving you this class in Hebrew 101? Well... Shalom has recently become a big part of my life..why you ask (even if you didnt) Shalom! is the name of this fabulously young, creative and incredibly hardworking Event Management Company. The owner of this company has been an important part of Gabriel's and my life for half a decade now..Rahul Grover is in Nitu Singhs very inappropriate words for her son...Raymond the complete man. He is the kinda guy who would accompany you to a red carpet event or accompany you to jail ..(if it ever called for it).
 He started his dream project Shalom! in 2011 and if you ever want to see the definition of the words "backed by heart", you should visit his offices in Mind space, Malad. He has surrounded himself with friends as eager to support him as they are to succeed. He truly has a lot of goodwill going his way.

Now! why am i telling you so much about him?? Well, I want you to understand the intensity of his success and feel as proud as i am about his accomplishments.

Shalom! is currently amidst the great mission of introducing the masses of metropolitan cities in Mumbai to great music and i was lucky to be amongst the enlightened. Showcases


12th DELHI - THE LAP (Broken Toy dj set)
14th MUMBAI - Vie LOUNGE (sun down event/ James Copeland Live Set)
19th BANGALORE - PEBBLES (Broken Toy dj set )
20th KOLKATA - The SWISSOTEL (Broken Toy Dj Set)
21st PUNE - ONE LOUNGE (James Copeland / Broken Toy )

Last night Vie Lounge shook to the beats of James Copeland aka Broken Toy (i just love that handle). I'm gonna have some pics for you soooon, i forgot to carry my camera in the hurry of trying to look cute ..priorities eh?... my bad!

I entered Vie with crazy EDM playing with melodious Jazz added to sounded divine. and it made the sundown part of the event memorable..I DANCED MOST OF THE NIGHT ...and the music kept getting stronger and stronger.....and kept me moving more and more...I can barely stand now while i write this blog.  There were the young elite of the suburbs dancing in front of Broken Toy like they were his puppets and he their puppet master. (And i have to tell you he is adorable).
The place shut at 1:30am like most places in Mumbai. And as i saw the swarm of people leave Vie, i realised Shalom's first event on their homeground was well received and a great success....
So if you havent already caught this class act...above is the date and venue list....grab a hottie...and go crazy with Broken Toy......SHALOM!

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