Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Krishan Vs Kanhaiya!

God created Human beings, Man created humanity!

Yesterday afternoon my mom tricked Gabriel and me in going to see a play at Rangsharda auditorium in Bandra west. The Rotary Club had organised for their members to see the premier show of Krishan Vs Kanhaiya starring Paresh Rawal.

The originally Gujrati play was well received and now had been turned into a hindi play for the masses by Paresh Rawal. We entered Rangsharda 45 minutes early and waited to enter the auditorium. 7:45pm we were given entry and went to our very very very uncomfortable seats. The rows were so close together that my 5'2" length was scrunched up...Gabriel being 5'11" sat in quite discomfort.

The lights flickered the auidiences volume dropped to a eery silence and the spot light went on...I am not going to reveal major details of this play in this blog, cuz i want you to go see it.. Though i will repeat some of the well written SPOILER ALERT!

Krishan Vs Kanhaiya is about an atheist and his fight with religious believers. His best friend/employee, his wife and even his profession has everything to do with religion and yet he still remains an atheist.He questions the logic behind Karwa Chauth (sorry if the spelling is wrong) He askes how will his life get longer if his wife fasts and compares it to his wife charging HER mobile and HIS mobile getting fully charged. LOL God takes him through hard times to help him realise the existence of a higher power and also help him start a revolution.

I have to applaude the wonderful writer Bhavesh Mandalia for a well written script. I expected comedy in the form of physical comedy , however, it's a very witty, one person's oppionion (the writer) on the business of religion. Through out the play they argue the existence of god and give you a million reasons why religion and it's dogmas are conter productive to humanity and how god does not exist and towards the end of the play they show the existence of god and how he/she is omnipresent.

They do mention every major religion on Indian soil, however, there is a special focus on Hinduism. I personally don't think it is a personal attack on the Hindu religion, it just seems that the writer wrote what he knew, like most good writers do. He pays a special focus on the corruption involved with temples, pandits adn even religious rituals and how some people can be hypocritical in the name of religion.

A lot of it rings true for most religions and a lot of it is personal interpretation, which in my oppinion is entertaining. My faith is not that weak that a very well written and entertaining play will shake its foundation. I still pray and I will continue to till it makes me happy and peacefull. I was reading up other reviews on this play and a lot of people (Indians in the US) who saw this play in USA in 2010 have written things like it is wrongly influencing the hindu youth and how it is against hinduism and indian culture. I could understand their sentiment and how it comes from fear of having nothing to believe in and that there is no higher power. To all those people i'd like to remind them that they have taught their children well and these young adults have a brain to make up their own minds. And if they do choose the path of atheism, its not because of a play , no matter how well executed, its because they already had the thought in their mind.

Belief in god is a very personal and sacred thing. Like they say, its between them and their god. And today if we choose to force any young /old adult to belive in something they honestly dont , the cracks will eventually show. one of the things that can be done is to educate them in the history and science of the religion. The norms the reasons the logic which every religion has. The benefits and the deep roots religion can create and let them choose , cuz  once they do, no one can shake that decision.

Krishan Vs Kanhaiya is a very entertaining , thought provoking play. I do not believe it is insulting  to ANY religion. If you truly hear the message of the play, its loud an clear..GOD exists in all of us and has given us a brain to assess what is right and wrong and how we can understand rituals and dogmas before we consider doing them. Cuz some of them cud be man made.

My pretend hat is off to the cast , crew of Krishan Vs Kanhaiya for a well executed play which is entertaining. I may not agree with everything they say but i do know my faith stands strong enough to withstand any individuals critical views.

And this is a special shout out to Akshay Kumar....who plans to make this play into a movie...PLEASE DO NOT MESS WITH THIS PLAY TO MUCH TO COMMERCIALISE IT! ITS JUST RIGHT!

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