Monday, 3 October 2011

The begining of me

I remember the summer of 1997. I had just passed the 9th grade and promoted to the 10th.
My affinity to English showed in my grades and my weakness in other languages showed in the pathetic scores in Hindi and Marathi. My parents had assigned me a tutor at the begining of the 9th grade semester. She was this polite, somewhat pretty slightly plump woman who helped me passed the 9th grade with respectable scores in those very languages that i considered my Acheles heel.

I'm ashamed to say that i do not remember this then important individuals name , however i do remember traveling to her Mazgaon residence in the summer of '97 to attend her wedding. Due to budget retraints she wanted me to do her makeup. At that time i was only 15 years old. (OMG! im 29..stop trying to figure out my age).

I enjoyed applying makeup for her and remember thinking that this would be fun to do all the time.
Life went on, mistakes happened and successes increased, which took me farrrrrrrr away from makeup and its world. Now i kept putting makeup, however i have to admit my technique was not all that good.

Fast forward to my 29th b'day this year. It was in the month of June. I was at the mall a week before my b'day and saw these amazing earrings at the swarovski store. I remembered seeing it in a JLo video, in the club. I came back home and went on youtube to see the video and in the search a surprising option auto populated, "JLo In the Club Makeup tutorial". I realised this as a great oppotunity as I wanted to really do myself up and feel amazing and go out to celebrate my b'day with family and friends.

I watched this beautiful Latina named Dulce Candy 87 show me how to do her makeup and from that point on started my love affair with makeup and tuorials and infact the internet. Once i started paying attention to my makeup, hair and nails, random teenage memories started popping in my head and then i finally remembered that the moment i had applied makeup for my tutor in 1997 was the day i fell in love, i had just forgotten all about it over the years.

I hope to pass what these lovely gurus have taught me. Show my friends and their friends how to apply everyday makeup and do 5 minute hairdos and enjoy getting dressed even though its in a hurry. I do believe we all have that moment in our lives where we enjoy getting dressed, however the everyday helps us forget that. I may have taken some time to get back but now i plan to stay.

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