Monday, 10 October 2011

My best friends Eyes... Day to night Flawless

Yesterday I spent the evening with my best friend Mez. She and I were getting ready to go get some vegies from teh Khar Market and us being us decided to put on full makeup. LOL. I have known her since 2003 and for the first time she asked me to do her eye makeup. Now Mez herself has a passion for makeup and usually is the one applying makeup for most her friends. I was so excited and since she liked what subtle makeup eye makeup i had, i did a similar look with a little twist. She is one of the most beautiful women i know, so i didnt need to do a lot. I used the boots minibeautifier kit. Eyeshadows: Innocence, on the lid. Truffle on the crease almost up to the brow bone and Wheatsheaf as the highlighter. Also used a MAC gold Pigment in the inner corner of the eye. Liner used was my favorite, Maybelline Drama Eye gel liner.

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