Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The Revlon PhotoReady Foundation Surprise

For the past 6 month or so i have been using the Dior foundation routine and it has never failed me. I gave me this dewey loook that just worked really well for me. However since it is a high end brand I didnt want to continue to use it as my everyday foundation routine. Now mind you, i apply foundation twice to three times a week, usually if i am going for a meeting or coffee with friends etc.

So started my search for the next best Brand. I thought the perfect place to go find a cost effective and good quality , genuine product was to the Mecca of all beauty products and tools "NEW BEAUTY CENTER" on SV road, Khar west, MH, India.

The fact that keeps me going back to this haven of beauty products, is the service which is much appreciated, the product guarantee , the variety and post importantly the PERKS. No other place I have been to gives you the same amount of discount and gift bags etc then New Beauty Center. At my last NBC haul I got 1 (3 in 1) train case, 1 hot pink train case , 1 Revlon tote bag, 1 (3 boxes) Tiffin box and 15% discount on the product i bought. I could not believe my eyes. I needed a bigger bag to hold my complementary gifts than the products i bought. CRAAAZZZZYYYY!

So anyway getting to the moment i found the one! I was at the Revlon counter buying my best friend a few essentials as her makeup bag was robbed from her car (the attrocity). And i saw it...unassumingly just sitting there, i saw this little bottle flicker in the corner of my eye and i looked closely to see that the base had this shiny bit and i fell in loveeeee....Imagine a hundred angels singing and heaven opening up and a bright light just falling on the Revlon Photoready foundation. It was a sign from our lord of all beauty products...

Now I had to try it on cuz you never judge a product on how it looks, especially foundation and lipsticks. So i asked for a medium light which looked like my shade and tried it on my cheek. It blended very well, however the shade had a yellow base to it and im more a pink base. Dissapointedly I told teh sales person NO! and was about check the next product , when she handed me the NUDE shade of Revlon Photo ready foundation. I tried it on and it seemed a little light for me, however once i tried on the conceler stick and then the liquid foundation and the setting powder and made sure it was blended in well and buffed nicely, it looks luminous. I LOVED IT! I had found my BRAND. I picked the same one for my best friend as well in her shade.

(Picture taken from

Now the draw backs to this product. YOU HAVE TO BLEND IT WELL! And little goes a long way. It takes me 2 full pumps to get full coverage on my face and neck (and yes it comes with a pump). It gives you a matte effect so its very different from teh dewey one with the Dior foundation. Also if you have bumps on you face it can tend to highlight it if you do not use concealer. So you may want to use concealer (before or after) so hide the bumps. According to me if a "drugstore" brands' product can satisfy someone as much as a highend product can, thats says a lot for the drugstore brand. I picked quite a few Revlon products along with the entire base product i.e Foundation, Concealer and setting powder. Hope this helps with trying out different brands. 

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