Thursday, 6 October 2011

Dinesh Ahuja Photography

(Model: Dinesh Ahuja, Photograher :Ritesh Wagh)

A good photographer must love life more than he does photography. - Joel Strasser

That just sums up my good friend Dinesh Ahuja. He is someone always up for any experience and its even better if its a new one. And always camera in tow.

(Models: Jasleen Gill & Richa Sharma)
Photographer : Dinesh Ahuja

Let me tell you how I met Dinesh. In 2005-2006 my department in this company i was working with at the time was looking within the Company for new talent in training. It was a hot summer day and post lunch i was hot, tired and sweating my a$$ off post my training session. I was ordered to go into this training room to observe this potential team member. Apprehensively I walked in and saw this really cute guy standing near the white board looking calm and with a big smile on his face. Things were looking up already.. THAT started my friendship with Dinesh, his love for life, his "its all good" attitude made him so easy to be with.

About a year after Dinesh joined our team we were sitting at the lunch table chatting and sharing grub. He started telling me about his passion for photography and what camera he covets. He seemed so passionate about photography and so eager to learn about it. I wished him luck and chucked it to an expensive hobby and some voyeuristic tendency.

Over time I saw his talent get better and better. He seemed more focused and crazed about photography and since I at the time didnt have anything that i was THAT passionate about didnt understand what a motivator it was.

He doesnt only shoot what it looks like , but what it feels like.  The vivid colors, the intensity of each picture tells you more than the content of it. Im sure his models have a lot to do with it and are talented themselves, however Dinesh's ability to make you feel comfortable and inhibited can take a picture a long way.  I can't wait to get my pictures clicked by him.

I am so glad he didnt leave photography to just a hobby , cuz he would have deprived the world of his immense talent. He has ARRIVED... And the only way for him is UP!

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